There has been some enquiry about what the options are for a spare wheel for an NC as they don’t come with one. A club member (thanks Frank), found this on the net and thought it might be useful to share. An earlier Mazda RX space-saver spare will mount under floor with a rear muffler mod. (Wheel takes up nearly the entire boot space, so better mounted under-floor).


One MX-5 Miata World Forum member from South Africa posted a potential solution:
Due to the poor roads in certain parts of our country we are worried about side wall damage which would render the tyre useless. Most of us have obtained the “biscuit” spare wheels from other Mazda vehicles such as the Mazda 3 or a Mazda 6, which have 5/114.3, 16″ x 4″ with 50mm offset rims and T115/70/16 or T125/70/16 tires. The alloy spare from the earlier RX8 is the best but very hard to get, later RX8’s had the kit and pump as per the MX5.
While you can put this spare in the boot, it limits space especially when one goes on long trips when you would need it the most.
What a lot of us have done is remove the huge rear silencer (weighs more than the spare wheel) and put two small boxes on each side with a Y piece (my car has a complete new stainless steel exhaust system including headers). The spare wheel then neatly bolts up under the boot with a steel spreader plate in the boot. Below is a photo of a RX8 spare being fitted under a MX5 (not my car). I have had this set up for many years without any problems.

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