Mazda Partners with TrackTime Driving Academy

Mazda NZ is joining forces with the TrackTime Driving Academy to help reduce the number of accidents on our roads by improving the driving skills of New Zealand motorists.

TrackTime, the brain child of renowned motorsport figure Mike Eady, trains all levels of drivers with a special focus on ensuring the safe operation of motor vehicles by employees in the workplace.

The new partnership will see the TrackTime team using a fleet of new-generation Mazda award-winning vehicles including the Mazda3, Mazda6, CX-3, CX-5 and BT-50 all showcasing the latest design, engineering and safety technologies.

Andrew Clearwater, Managing Director Mazda New Zealand says the two companies share the same strong values when it comes to improving road safety through lifting the skill levels of drivers in parallel with making intelligent detection and avoidance systems more readily available to new vehicle buyers.

“At Mazda we are continually focussed on developing the very latest in advanced safety technologies. We also understand the need for motorists to learn how to use these technologies effectively on the open road as well as learning other driving skills that will help make New Zealand roads safer for everyone.

“The Academy’s focus is on decreasing the risk of accidents and we are thrilled to be able to work with Mike’s team to lift the overall standard of driving in New Zealand.”

Mr Eady says often the last driving training people do is when they get their driver’s licence.

“The Academy is designed to hone drivers’ skills and give them the on-going driver training they need to drive safely and drive well. Having Mazda on-board as a partner is fantastic as their vehicles really epitomise how far safety technologies have advanced in the last few years.”

According to TrackTime’s statistics, those who have undergone its driver training courses not only have fewer accidents, but if there is an incident it is likely to be minor.

“Things like small reversing nudges cost companies virtually nothing whereas for a company that experiences a high number of crashes, and more severe accidents, it can be very expensive from both a repair and loss of productivity perspective.”

The TrackTime Driving Academy is based in Auckland with much of the driver training done at the newly-revamped Hampton Downs Motorsport Park. Training will also be undertaken in other locations throughout the country, as required.